Comserv is dedicated to recruiting young people and supporting their long-term development.  They are our future and we take huge satisfaction helping them to fulfil their potential.

For well over a decade, Comserv have been employing approximately 6 apprentices at any one time and providing dedicated support to enable them to complete their training and continue as permanent employees of the Company.  These apprentices are always drawn from the local community and attend local colleges.

We have continued to employ 2 active apprentice Electricians throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, plus 2 Plumber Improvers, 2 Carpenter Improvers and an Electrician Improver. We celebrate that these Apprentices who are thriving, not just surviving under Covid-19.

In September 2021 we took on three new apprentices (two electricians and one carpenter), as former Apprentices have qualified and moved into full roles.  

Our Apprenticeship retention after finishing is extremely high and we’ve had great success with them.  One of our apprentices – Bradley Matthews started his carpentry apprenticeship in 2013 is now one of our Multi-Trade Operatives.

Whilst our Apprentices are young school/college leavers. We have two Electrician Improvers, who are mature students pursuing a change of career. One of these is a Royal Navy veteran
. Meanwhile one of our Plumber Improvers is a lady who is retraining for a second career

If you would like to apply for an Apprenticeship with us, please submit your CV to: We will review all applicants in July of each year, although we will, of course acknowledge receipt of your application.

If you have any questions you can also call: 023 9245 7187  or email